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How can I convert my gas range back to natural gas from LP


Thank you for your question.

I can understand why you would like to convert your range back to natural gas.

• Because this is a gas appliance it is inherently dangerous if it is not serviced correctly.

• I would advise that you have your local gas provider or a certified gas technician convert your range back to natural gas.

• If you have the mechanical ability and the tools you can do the conversion.

First you will need the Natural gas orifices that came with the range before the conversion to LP. If you do not have them, you will need to order them from: Sears Parts Direct .

• The part number for the four top burner NAT orifices is: WB28K7 . You will need to order quantity of four.

• To change the top burner orifices, lift the top.

• Remove the burner heads off the crossbars.

• Remove and replace the orifices for the top burners.

• To convert the orifice for the bake burner you will need to loosen a few turns on the orifice hood on the oven safety valve just enough to return it to the Natural gas mode.

The last thing to do is to locate the pressure regulator under the top connected to the incoming gas line and remove the top cap and remove the spring and plunger with the nat/lp identifier and turn over so the NAT is up and return spring and plunger to the regulator and screw the cap back on. This should return the regulator back to the Natural gas mode.

• I will send a pictures on bake burner orifice conversion procedure, a picture of the regulator and the top burner orifice.

I hope this will help with your conversion.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
October 12, 2010