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How do I replace the impeller on my electric leaf blower?


We don't have any written instructions for replacing the blower wheel on electric blowers. I am sending you the instructions we wrote up to help.

Go to and enter the model of the blower and you can see a parts list and diagram for the blower. Looking at the parts diagram will give you an idea of where the parts are located.

Be sure the blower is disconnected from power before starting.

If possible turn the blower on and off quickly before you take anything apart and note the rotation of the blower wheel. The blower wheel is threaded and screws on to the motor shaft. To remove the old blower wheel, insert a screwdriver into the top of the motor the keep the motor from turning. Be careful to not damage the windings of the motor. Rotate the blower wheel in the same direction it normally turns to unscrew it from the motor shaft. You can't do this until you get the motor out of the blower, we put this here to help you get the rotation of the blower wheel while it can run.

You must separate the 2 halves (item 1 and 1 on the diagram) of the blower to access the blower wheel.

Remove the 11 screws that hold the halves together. Separate the halves carefully, the trigger switch (item 3), the lever spring (item 4), the spring return (item 7), and the inlet cover ( item 8) will all fall out when you separate the halves. Pay attention to where they come from for reassembly.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
June 09, 2009