Model #358796981 CRAFTSMAN Blower, Gas

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Owners Manual & Engine Specs. 358796981 Craftsman Gas power blower


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The manual for this older Craftsman blower is not available for digital download. We do have the manual offered in hard copy, and the part number is 530066966. 
The plug gap should be set to .025". I wouldn't recommend making adjustments to the carburetor unless it's been adjusted previously outside of the manufacturer's specs. The adjustments are mainly used for situations where high altitude comes into play. Unless that applies, I would suspect the carburetor itself as the reason it's not running right.
When the carburetor runs on choke, but dies when choke is released, it typically indicates a blockage within the main jet. When choke is off, it starves for fuel and dies. I would recommend pulling the carburetor and either perform a thorough cleaning on it, or rebuild it if it's excessively varnished. Pay close attention to the main jet and poke through it will small gauge bailing wire or a bread tie wire. Douse the carb liberally with carb cleaner throughout. 
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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
July 26, 2014

how does the reed valve work?

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paul -
December 08, 2015
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