Model #358796600 Craftsman line trimmers/weedwackers, gas

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How to replace the starting pull cord on a Craftsman weedwacker model 358-796600? It is a 25cc,2cycle engine.


Remove the trigger housing on the drive shaft by removing the 4 screws and separating the housing. Make not of how the trigger and the throttle cable mount in the housing.

Remove the clamp on the clutch cover and remove the drive shaft from the clutch. (it pulls out).

Remove the screws from the clutch cover and remove the cover.

You will need a special tool to unscrew the clutch housing from the clutch assembly. The part number for the tool is 530031112. Remove the clutch housing and the clutch from the engine shaft.

Remove the screws holding the fan housing to the engine and remove the fan housing. The rope and the starter pulley are inside the fan housing.

Be very careful removing the starter pulley and spring. The spring will unwind violently if it is released.

As you install the rope on the pulley, turn the pulley. Let the turning of the pulley wind the rope and it will load the spring so it will retract.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 02, 2009

Does the free floating gas filter have to be connected to anything in the gas tank?


Thank you for your question.

The fuel filter in the tank is connected to the end of the fuel line only. The filter should move in the tank so that it is always submerged in the fuel. If you tip the trimmer the fuel filter will also move. This way the trimmer will run when it is tiped.

If the engine won't start, first make sure that the switch is set to the "on" position. Check the fuel tank to make sure it's not empty or low. Unscrew the spark plug from the port in the side of the engine and look at the end. If it has black deposits on it, the spark plug needs to be replaced. Smell the spark plug, if it smells strongly of fuel, then the engine has been flooded. Set the trimmer aside for half an hour and try again. If the engine still won't start then the carburetor needs to be cleaned and adjusted. If you're suitably experienced with engines it is possible to do this by yourself, but it is strongly suggested that you leave this to a professional. Engine Lacks Power and Dies Frequently Begin by checking the air filter, if you see any coloring aside from plain paper white the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Should this not fix the problem, remove the engine's spark plug and look at the gap. Sometimes a little grease will cover over the gap between the two leads on the plug, preventing it from sparking reliably. Use a nail file to scrape away any deposits and ensure that the two leads are not touching. Look at the muffler. If it is blackened or any ash falls from it when you touch it, there's likely to be much more carbon buildup on the inside. It should be disassembled and scraped clean. Should the engine still lack power then either the internal compression of the engine is low or the carburetor needs to be adjusted. Both of these things should be seen to by a licensed repair person. Runs Hot or Overheats There are a number of reasons why a trimmer would run hot or overheat. The first is that the fuel mixture could be wrong. Remember that these trimmers use a specific ratio of unleaded gasoline to oil. If this is wrong then the engine could overheat due to friction, or it could start burning a little too much oil depending on the ratio used. The only other reason for a trimmer to overheat is that it is unable to cool itself properly. This would be caused by a buildup of carbon within the muffler. The muffler should never be touched while it is still hot. Once it has cooled off, it should be disassembled and cleaned.

If you need further assistance, please reply with more details below.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
October 03, 2010

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