Model #358794774 CRAFTSMAN Blower, Gas

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Why is there no spark on my model 358794774 leaf blower after I installed the proper new spark plub?


Thank you for your question.

I am sorry you are having a problem with the blower. If you are not getting spark remove the spark plug from the wire. Then insert a screwdriver into the spark plug boot. Next, hold on to the handle of the screwdriver and position the shank close to a bare metal part of the engine. Once you have it in this position pull the starter rope. You should see a spark jump between the gap. If you do not see any spark, you need to access the ignition coil. Then remove the small wire going to the coil (this is the kill wire) and recheck for spark. If you still do not have spark I recommend replacing the ignition coil. If you do have spark I recommend checking the kill wire. The problem will be the wire is shorted or the kill switch is defective.

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