Model #358351242 CRAFTSMAN Chainsaw, Gas

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Does Craftsman Chain saw mod: 358.351242 358351242 Craftsman Chain saw


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There is not a pressure or compression release on this Craftsman chainsaw. You could test the compression by checking it with a gauge, but this is more than likely a fuel related issue.

Compression is measured by a gauge. An auto compression gauge will work to test the compression. Pull the starter rope a few times until the gauge stops moving. When it settles onto a number, you have an accurate reading. Normal compression readings are between 90 and 110 psi for a two-cycle engine like this saw uses.

Many problems with compression are related to fuel. Old or bad fuel can cause lots of issues. Drain any of the fuel mixture left in the gas tank and add fresh fuel mix. If this doesn’t help, it may be caused by excessive fuel in the gas lines and filters. The lines run from the tank to the carburetor and then back to the tank. The fuel filter is connected within the tank on the end of the fuel line, make sure it’s attached.

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
October 08, 2014

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