Model #358351082 Craftsman chainsaw, gas

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I have a Craftsman chainsaw, model 358351082. Can you help with fuel line installation?


Your information of the routing of the fuel lines on the chainsaw seems correct. The orifices you describe are probably rubber grommets. The fuel lines go through the rubber grommets and into the tank. The rubber grommets seal the fuel lines so there is no leak. The fuel line that goes from the primer to the tank goes into the tank and attaches to the fuel pick up filter. This line needs to be long enough that the fuel pick up can always go to the lowest part of the fuel tank. When you rotate the saw into different positions, the fuel pick up will move to the lowest part of the tank so it can pick up fuel if the tank is not full.

Remove the fuel cap and, with a clean piece of wire, fish the fuel lines out of the tank. Confirm what I have told you and measure the line inside the tank to know how long to leave your new fuel line.

The other fuel line that goes into the tank is a return line and the length inside the tank is not critical.

When you press the primer bulb, you draw fuel from the tank and force it through the carburetor to insure fresh fuel is inside the carburetor.

You do not attach the new fuel lines to the existing fuel lines. The new fuel lines should replace the existing fuel lines inside the tank.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 27, 2009