Model #358350460 Craftsman chainsaw, gas

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replace clutch on chainsaw model#358-350460


The answer Raquel sent you will work. Most clutches on chainsaws have a hexagon shaped spot on them so you can use a wrench to remove it as well.

Remove the bar and chain from the saw.

The clutch is screwed on the engine crankshaft. To remove the clutch turn it clockwise.

If the engine turns when you turn the clutch, remove the spark plug and fill the cylinder with clean small rope. The piston will jam on the rope and stop the engine from turning.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 08, 2010

craftsman chainsaw automatic bar oiler


Thank you for your question on why the change is oilier is not working.

Since this saw if about ten years old it is possible that the drive gear on the bar oil pump may have failed.

If you have oil in the compartment and it is not putting any oil on the bar we have to look at all the parts that are involved with the oil delivery system.

You will need to remove the side cover to remove the bar and chain from the chainsaw.

Then you will need to remove the clutch from the saw.

You will notice an arrow on the clutch for the direction of removal.

There is a special wrench for that but you can use a large flat bladed screwdriver and a small hammer to give a sharp rap on the wing of the inner clutch by the arrow to unscrew the clutch from the crankshaft.

[Utube video on removing the clutch.

Once you get the clutch drum off the oil pump is held on with two screws to the body of the saw.

Remove these two screws and work the pump off the crank shaft of the saw.

There will also be a spring that is used for driving the pump still on the crank shaft and when you replace the pump you will also need to replace the other parts that are supplied with the pump kit.

If you replace the drive spring off the crank shaft make sure you put the new one in exactly the same location. You may want to mark it of measure for its location.

Pump oiler kit .

I hope this will help you with the replacement of the oil pump on the saw.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
October 13, 2011

i have a chain saw model 358350460 and the oil pump went out, can i replace it and where would i get a scematic to show me how?


Thank you for your question.

I should be able to help you with repairing the saw. I have looked up the part number of the pump and it is 530071259. The pump can be ordered from our parts website: Sears Parts Direct .

To replace the pump follow the steps below.

  • Remove the bar and chain from the saw.
  • Remove the clutch. If you do not have the clutch removal tool, you can use a brass punch and hammer. The should be an arrow showing which direction you have turn the clutch to remove it.
  • Remove the thin metal plate that is on the studs.
  • Clean the area before removing the pump.
  • Remove the screws securing the pump and slide it off the motor shaft.
  • Reassemble the saw with the new pump in the reverse order.

You might want to clean the oil passages before replacing the pump. I have seen the problem be just a plugged outlet.

Please let me know if you need further assistance on the repair of the saw.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired by a Sears technician. Here is a link that will provide the nearest drop-off locations: Sears Home Services .

Thank you for using Manage my life.

Mark T.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
February 23, 2011

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