Model #32A43 TOSHIBA Direct View\Digital 27" to 40" TV

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How do I get my Toshiba 32A43 out of DEMO mode?


First try leaving it unplugged a good 10 minutes. If it still loops after plugging it back in, try hitting recall then exit and finally power on your remote like the owner's manual says. I remember seeing this problem and I believe we did get it to stop by turning off demo mode quickly. The TV would let us go into the menu and change stuff but it had to be done quickly. Hit menu, scroll to setup, go to the second page and move the demo cursor to off.

There’s a possibility that I am mistaken this problem with another as well. Is it actually in demo mode or is the input just scrolling, or channel button or menu button. The buttons can become stuck on these sets and scroll. I really think I'm right on the being quick with the menu though.

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Sears Technician