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I cannot insert the blade into my reciprocating saw model # 32017175, although I turned counter-clockwise the cover? 32017175 Craftsman Reciprocating saw


First, check and make sure that a small piece of a saw blade is not broken off inside the blade mount. If a piece of blade is not broken off in the blade mount, I suspect the pins are not moving outwards when the bushing is rotated. The pins are likely stuck. I would try spraying WD40 in the blade mount and then let it soak awhile. After soaking awhile, rotate the bushing several times to work the pins loose. If the pins will extract when turning the bushing, you will have to disassemble the saw to access the plunger assembly. You might want to try using a small slot tip pocket screwdriver in between the pin and try to work the pin loose. If you're not able to get the pins to loosen, I recommend taking the saw in for repair.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
April 16, 2015