Model #31JN-5KV MAGIC CHEF Range (gas)

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Magic Chef gas oven doesn't heat to proper temperature


Thanks for contacting mage my life about your range/oven model 31JN-5KV; sorry you are having a problem with the temperature I will be glad top assist you. You may be able to calibrate your oven thermostat if you have a high quality oven thermometer and very small screwdriver.  There are two ways that this can be done depending on the style thermostat use in your model.  First pull the thermostat knob off and look at the back side of it. If there are notches and a small screw you can loosen the screw and adjust the temperature reading higher or lower depending on your need.  The next way, if the knob has no adjustment id to look at the end of the thermostat shaft with knob off. There should be a hole in the center of the shaft and down inside the hole is a tiny screw. To adjust the temperature cycling turn the screw clockwise if the oven is too hot and counterclockwise if the temperature is not hot enough, Turn it only ¼ turn and test temperature waiting each time for the oven to cycle off before making any additional adjustments.  Repeat until the temperature of cycling is approximately 25 degrees higher that the set temperature.  This will allow an average temperature on/off of the actual set temperature. The other option is to replace the thermostat with a new one. Here is a link to Sears Parts Direct. If you need a technician here is a link to Sears Home Services.  Ron H.

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Ron H -
Sears Technician
November 06, 2013