Model #315228930 Craftsman table saw

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Question and Answers


Installing a replacement arbor on my Craftsman Saw


Thank you for your question on the replacement of the arbor on the table saw.

If you have removed the belt and the pulley and then the key out of the keyway, then remove the retainer clip and this should allow you to drive the arbor shaft out of the arbor housing.

If you are having a problem getting the arbor shaft out then I would suggest, if you have not taken the arbor out of the cradle, I would suggest that you do and put the arbor over a firm surface, like a vise and support the arbor housing so you can drive the arbor shaft out of the arbor housing without damaging the arbor housing. The housing parts are cast iron and if you use too much force you can break the housing. It may be that the inner bearing next to the blade may have the bearing race stuck to the arbor shaft and it will require a little more force to remove it.

The arbor is attached to the cradle with a keeper ring and a washer. Mark the location of the arbor gear and the worm gear so you can return it to the same location when putting it back after replacing the arbor shaft and bearings.

Please let me know how it went and we can continue to troubleshoot with that information.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
November 07, 2012

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