Model #30-2251-23-04 TAPPAN Range (gas)

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Question and Answers


Why is the oven not working on my Tappan gas range?


The wires going to the igniter can be accessed from the back of the range. If the igniter is not coming on we will need to access the wires & check the voltage with a meter. If the igniter is coming on but not lighting the burner I suspect a weak igniter. The only way to confirm the diagnosis is by checking the current draw with an amp probe meter. If the igniter is receiving voltage & not coming on then we know that the igniter is faulty. If the igniter is not receiving 120volts we will need to use a volt meter to track down the problem. If the igniter needs replaced you can cut the wires & use the provided wire nuts for the connection; does not matter what two wires to connect together.

Remember to always use extreme caution when working with live voltage & to disconnect power before attempting repairs.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
September 22, 2009