Model #29606 Lifestyler treadmill

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Everything works but the drive belt on the Proform XP 650 E. What should we look at to fix it?


Some voltage checks will need to be made to determine if the console, the motor controller, or the drive motor is causing the problem.

I am sending you a wiring schematic of the treadmill that will show you where to test.

To test the voltage you must put the treadmill in the calibration mode. The console might beep at you while you are testing. You must let it beep, it won't damage anything. I am sending you the instructions for putting the treadmill into the calibration mode.

After you have calibrated the console on the treadmill, put it into calibration mode and push stop 2 times and press speed up but don't go to 85%. With the motor hood removed test the voltage between the black and blue wires. If you have the voltage there and the motor is not running, the motor controller is bad.

If you have no voltage on black and blue, remove the console and test the voltage between black and blue at the console. Leave all connectors connected for testing. If you don't have the voltage at the console, the console is bad. If you have the voltage at the console, the wire harness between the console and the controller are bad.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
March 02, 2009