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twin cutter model # 28625574 when cutting motor smokes


Thank you for you question on the use of the twin blade cutter.

I have found that if I use the cutting for more than ten minutes it will start to smell and smoke.

This would indicate that the motor windings are overheating and will need to be cooled down before proceeding.

If the blades are dull it will cause extra strain on the motor windings and shorten the life of the tool.

If used in short time usage with sharp blades and not force it in the work you are cutting it will work easier.

If it continues to smoke it will burn the motor windings out if it hasn't already done so and will need the motor stator replaced.

Please let me know if it still works or if has stopped completely.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
November 14, 2011