Model #25822149 KENMORE Grill, Charcoal

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Kenmore gas grill 25822149 25822149


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Sorry to hear about the heat flow issue you are experiencing with the grill, I know how critical proper heating coverage is on a full grill grate.

I would recommend wire brushing the burner, and with an open paper clip, clean out or push it through the holes going around the burner to make sure the flames can get through. 

I would also adjust the air shutter to ensure you are getting the proper flame. To adjust the air shutter:

1. Loosen screw to air shutter and close shutter. (Key 8 on Diagram)

2. Open slowly until flame is free of yellow. Do not open any farther than required.

3. Shut off gas and tighten adjustment screw.

4. Allow grill to cool before proceeding.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the replacement burner or venturi are still available for this grill, primarily due to the age of the unit. The venturi gasket is still available, which may be needed. Check the venturi tube to make sure it is properly positioned over the orifice and take the steps I've outlined above and it should help.

I have also included as an attachment the grill parts explosion so you can see where the air shutter screw is. The venturi tube is key 18 on the diagram, the gasket is key 19, and the burner is key 20. Hopefully this will help. If you don't see the attachment, click here to see my response on with attachment.  

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
September 25, 2013