Model #25374822404 KENMORE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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My refrigerator is cold, but the food is defrosting in the freezer. How do I fix this?


It can be puzzling seeing that your refrigerator is cooling at its normal temperature and your freezer is not. I have done some research and found an excellent link on how to do some troubleshooting on your freezer and what could be the main issue. I attached the link below for you to view while you wait on your response from an expert. I hope the link that I provided comes in handy. Have a great day!

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Alina F. -
June 02, 2012

This is backwards. Most of the time the freezer is okay the the refrigerator is not working. You don't mention if the compressor is running. If the fans and compressor are not running then I suspect the defrost timer or control thermostat is at fault. The control thermostat might have cycled the refrigerator off and it just never came back on. Try giving the control thermostat a thump or two with your finger and see if it comes on. The refrigerator may have enter defrost and just never came out to start running again. The image below shows the location of the defrost timer. It is mounted on the console in the top of the refrigeration section. There is usually a small round plug that can be pried out to access the defrost timer knob. You can turn the knob with a dime or straight edge screwdriver. Turn it, it will click, and see if the unit starts to run. If you hear a click from the compressor area then the compressor might be bad. You can reply with any additional details for further assistance.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
June 03, 2012
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