Model #25372872201 KENMORE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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freezer overheating? 25372872201 Kenmore Top-mount refrigeator


Thank you for choosing I will be more then happy to assist you. This is normal.

There are condenser lines routed through the walls. The condenser being hot indicates the unit is working properly. Once the unit is cold and doesn't run as much you might notice the sides not being as hot.

Now with the freezer not working properly, have you checked the evaporator and make sure its not build up with ice? If its build up with a lot off ice/frost the defrost heater/ thermostat maybe going out.

Hope this information has help you. If you are not comfortable doing this repair you can Click Here to schedule a technician or call toll free 1-800-469-4663.

Any further questions or concerns. You will have to post a new question because at this time I can not reply to any comments. Again, Thank you for choosing


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Samantha A -
Sears Technician
July 15, 2014

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