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why is water leaking underneath the refrigerator


It is always upsetting when an appliance develops issues. A great troubleshooting help is the owner's manual. I attached below. I also found some general advice on an appliance web site, I linked below also. It may help while yo wait for the expert answer.

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Barbara H. -
July 25, 2010

Thanks to Barbara H for her answer.

I am Jimmy K and I would recommend the following procedure.

I would pull the refrigerator out and look at the condensate pan the drain hose goes in. This condensate pan might have a crack in it. The drain hose might be leaking. Try to establish where the water is coming from.

If the condensate pan is full and overflowing, you might have a door gasket leaking air into the refrigerator or freezer causing excess frost and then excess condensate water.

You can check the door gaskets seal by inserting a dollar bill between the gasket and the cabinet all the way around the gasket. If you find an area where there is no resistance as you pull the dollar bill out, the gasket is leaking air. The gasket might need replacing or adjusting.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 27, 2010

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the dollar bill trick, since the water seemd to be appearing more frequently now (every other day, instead of every 4-5 days). A friend & I pulled out the fridge to look for the condensate pan & were totally confused by the seeming lack of a pan. She was baffled because the pan should be really obvious. The only part that we could see that looked like a reservoir was fixed to the fridge & couldn't be removed. I'll look through the manual to see if it offers some insight. And I'm also going to investigate to make sure that the water is actually coming from the fridge & not from the sink or dishwasher. Thanks again.

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APHChilton -
August 24, 2010
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