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Why is the refrigerator still working but not as cool as before?


Core Issue: Why is the refrigerator still working but not as cool as before?

Here are some possible causes for refrigerator not to cool enough;

  • Vent being blocked – Air flows between the freezer and refrigerator sections to provide proper cooling via air vents. Move any food items that might block the vents.
  • Warm air getting in – If doors are being left open, opened frequently, or if there are poor seals around the door(s). Also food stored in the door of the refrigerator often stays warmer than food in the interior.
    • Door gasket is dirty or sticky. If the door gasket is dirty and sticky, as the door is opened the gasket remains stuck to the cabinet, causing it to be stretched out of shape or even torn.
    • Door gasket is stiff and no longer flexible. If the door gasket is stiff, and not flexible, it can no longer conform to the shape of the cabinet, resulting in gaps between the gasket face and the front of the cabinet.
  • Condenser coil is dirty – When the condenser coil is dirty it causes the sealed system to overheat and therefore the refrigerator will not cool properly.
    • Clean the condenser coil as follows:
      • Turn unit off and unplug the cord.
      • Remove toe grill from the bottom of refrigerator.
      • Vacuum the accumulated dust from underneath the refrigerator and the back of the toe grill.
      • If you have condenser cleaning brush, brush the coil with the brush and then vacuum again. Coil brush Part# PM14X51 can be ordered at: Sears Parts Direct
      • Clean toe grill with mild soap and water and put in back in place.
      • Plug unit back in and reset controls.
  • Surrounding temperature is too low or too high- Too low (below 55F): If the unit is in a cold environment such as an unheated garage, basement or outdoors, this may affect the thermostat. Too high (above 110F): If the unit is in a hot environment such as a closed garage without air conditioning, on an enclosed back porch, or in direct sunlight, this may overheat the system affecting performance.

Note: General information for resolution is based on information provided in question. Please contact a repair technician if problem persist. Call Sears Repair Service 1-800-469-4663

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Maria M. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
November 19, 2009

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