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What is the problem with my ice maker and what do I need to fix it?


From the description you submitted, the problem could be with the icemaker thermostat or the freezer temperature may not be cold enough. To check the temperature place a thermometer between some packages, air temperature is not a good check. The normal freezer temperature should be from 0-5 degrees and if the temperature is above 10 degrees, the icemaker may not cycle. The problem will then be to determine, why the freezer is not cold enough. If the temperature is ok, the icemaker will need to be cycled manually. To cycle it, pull the front cover off of the icemaker and you will see 2 gears (a large and small one). Turn the small gear counterclockwise about a 1/4 turn or until the icemaker starts. If it won't start the icemaker # 5303918344 will need to be replaced. If it does cycle and fills ok, the icemaker thermostat # 5304436613 will need to be replaced. I would suggest replacing the complete icemaker though. If it cycles but won't fill, the water valve or diode will need to be replaced. A volt/ohm meter will be required to make this check and a technician may be needed. To check the diode can be difficult. If you need more assistance you can resubmit your question with more details.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
May 26, 2009

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