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How do I fix an icemaker that doesn't make ice?


From the description listed, I think you mean the icemaker is not making any ice but there is ice in the mold. The confusing part is that, you would turn the auger (# 2 in the picture) and it would work again. This part has no effect on the icemaker, only on the ice that's already in the bucket. If you are having a problem with the ice dispensing, then the auger would be involved. However, it sounds more like the icemaker is no longer filling with water. If this is the case, this icemaker can be cycled manually, to check if it will fill. I'm attaching a picture with instructions to cycle this icemaker. If it cycles and fills, the icemaker # 240352411 will need to be replaced. If it cycles but won't fill and you can hear a humming noise, it indicates the water valve # 240531101 is getting energized and will need to be replaced. If it doesn't fill and there is no noise, some checks will need to be made. It could be a problem with the icemaker or the diode kit to the water valve. This will require making some voltage checks at the icemaker, the diode and the water valve. Now, if this is a case, of pressing the dispenser lever and nothing is happening (no ice dispensed), then it could be an auger motor problem, a switch or wiring problem. If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services . For more specific assistance, please resubmit your question, with additional details.s.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
April 05, 2010

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