Model #247775880 Craftsman chipper shredder/vacuum, gas

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Impeller flails and shredder blade 247775880 Craftsman Chipper shredder


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I am sorry you are having a problem with the chipper. The chipper blades bolts can be a bear to remove. Before trying to remove the bolts, I recommend that you clean the allen head out with a small screwdriver. This will ensure the allen wrench fits all the way into the head. Then place a box end wrench onto the nut. When read hold the allen wrench and turn the box end wrench. If it seems to tight you can soak them down with WD-40 then hit the wrench with a hammer. This should loosen the nuts. After you sharpen the blades, be sure to get the blade bolts tight. You do not want them to come loose. I posted an image below that has the instructions for replacing the blades. Click on the image to enlarge it. As for replacing the flails, you need to remove the spring cover in the center of the flails. The cover covers the roll pin that secures the flail pin. Once you have the cover removed, you can use a drift punch and hammer to remove the roll pin. After the roll pin is removed, see if there is enough clearance to remove the flail pin. If there is not enough room, you need to separate the housing. This requires removing all the bolts around the housing. Once you have it apart try to pull the pins out. If you cannot remove them, the impeller may need to be removed. This can be difficult to do. I recommend the advice a gave other members about removing the impeller. Click here to be taken to that question.


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Mark T -
Sears Technician
September 27, 2013