Model #232-S12 OLEVIA LCD Television

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Why did my TV stop working after a failed firmware upgrade?


First would try to update the TV again. Turn the TV off and insert the USB drive. Once it is in, turn the TV on and hope that the micro can boot and read the drive. It is possible that the EEPROM is corrupt and a new board is needed. This will have to go through a repair center. I double checked for support on Olevia and it seems that Amergence Technology has picked up support for their out of warranty products. I contacted the old Olevia support number and got them at 1-866-9OLEVIA (965-3842). This number provides paid service for Olevia such as selling the firmware update. I tried to get a firmware version so you could check your file on the thumb drive but I did not have the FM1-XXXXX number off the back of your TV. You will have to contact our service department to try to get an idea of cost of repairing your TV but it will need a main board plus labor if you cannot reflash the firmware.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
February 16, 2010