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The clean button and the oven light button do not turn anything on. All of the other buttons seem to work. I need to clean the oven, what do I do?


I understand your oven light and clean button won't allow anything to work. I found a question in Manage My Life under the Answers button that is similar to the one you asked. While your waiting on an expert answer, this question will give some good suggestions. I attached the link below, I hope this helps!!!!

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Raquel F -
September 20, 2010

When one or two buttons on the touchpad stop working it is usually a failure in the touchpad. This problem can be caused by the clock as well.

To determine which parts have failed someone needs to disconnect power to the oven and remove the control panel.

Disconnect the ribbon connector from the clock and clean the connections with a pencil eraser. Connect the ribbon and restore the power.

If the clean and light buttons still don't work, a continuity test needs to be done on the ribbon. I recommend you go to and schedule service to get a Sears technician to diagnose and repair the oven.

I am sending you the part numbers and prices of the clock and the different control panels for your oven. The touchpad is part of the control panel and you have to order the complete panel to get the touchpad. The prices for these parts would make me consider replacing the oven instead of repairing it. The black control panel is no longer available for ordering.

22 364 WB27T10310 1 242.99 91149024100 CLOCK/OVEN CONTROL 22 364 WB36T10448 1 211.37 91149024100 CONTROL PANEL W/KEYPAD WHITE 22 364 WB27T10154 1 0.00 91149024100 CONTROL PANEL W/KEYPAD BLACK 22 364 WB36T10450 1 210.01 91149024100 CONTROL PANEL W/KEYPAD BISQUE

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
September 21, 2010
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