Model #2043199981 KENMORE Vacuum, Upright

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How do I change the filter on my Sear Destiny vacuum?


The parts list does not indicate or show any filter. (See image below) If it has one it would have a HEPA filter inside the filter housing which would be mounted to the side of the unit. If you actually see the filter mounted on the side of the unit, it should have a cover to slide up and open. The HEPA filter should pull out by grabbing a plastic strap and pulling. If it has a HEPA filter it would have a large HEPA filter housing and cover attached to the side of the unit and it would be almost as long as the unit. If you have a HEPA filter, it cannot be cleaned, it will need to be replaced. Since the parts image does not indicate a filter I would not know how you would be able to order one unless you take it in to a vacuum service center and the might be able to match one up.

The clean out port is used to check for any object that may have become stuck if it looses suction power. Rotate the inspection plate knob out of the locked position and then swing the rear inspection plate away from the rear of the machine.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
May 06, 2009