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Male Rim for a Model #167412190 Pool. 167412190


Thank you for being Sears’ valued member and for contacting with your question about parts for your Sears swimming pool model 167412190. I am so sorry the bottom rim needs to be replaced. In this case we are not able to get the part for you. We do not cross reference parts between manufacturers or models because we do not know what standards each individual part is designed to meet. That is why we only provide parts that have been tested and approved by the manufacturer. Because of the age of this pool, you might find it more cost effective to put your money towards a new pool rather than trying to find parts for this one. I have included the link below for you to look at some new pools. 

In case you want to pursue fixing this pool, the manufacturer is a company called Muskin. We no longer have the part you need in stock, but it is possible that another pool parts supplier may still have the part on hand. I recommend conducting an online search using the manufacturer’s name and part number. The other option is to see if a pool supplier can make the part for you.  

I am sorry we cannot get the rim parts for you. I hope this information helps. Thank you for choosing Sears, we appreciate your business. 

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Rachel Morgan -
Sears Technician
June 02, 2015