Model #158850 Kenmore sewing

  • Base Assembly
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  • Bobbin Winder And Tension Assembly
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  • Presser Bar And Shuttle Assembly
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  • Presser Bar And Shuttle Assembly Ii
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  • Cam Assembly
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  • Feed Regulator Assembly
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  • Motor And Attachment Parts
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electrical diagram 158850 Kenmore Kenmore sewing machine head


The only technical information that we have available for that sewing machine is the parts list drawing. A mechanical sewing machine usually doesn't have a wiring diagram available because there are only a few electrical components in the machine such as the light, light switch, motor and foot pedal. The outlet cord probably connects to an internal harness that supplies the foot pedal and light switch with power. I wish we could help you further but information is limited on that older sewing machine.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
April 16, 2015