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No hot water - gas keeps turing off after 5-10 minutes - what part do I need 153339762 Kenmore Water heater


Thanks for the inquiry and for being a valued member.

I am sorry to hear that the pilot assembly is having issues staying lit. I know how frustrating that is to have happen.

A clean water heater and water heater environment are the first things that should be considered when troubleshooting a water heater for pilot outage. Government regulations for higher efficiency and new flammable vapor ignition resistance requirements have made today’s water heaters more sensitive to the need for proper airflow around and through the appliance.

A dirty environment can affect a water heater’s performance. Take time to make sure that the area around and under the heater is clean and obstruction free. Make sure that the air intake screen(s) located on the base ring of the heater are clean and properly installed; this is where all of the combustion air enters the heater.

The burner flame should be burning on top of the burner and the bottom of the flames should be touching the top of the burner. The flame should be drawn to the top of the combustion chamber. If it is lazily floating around the vent is restricted.

The pilot burner flame should be steady and blue. The pilot flame should be wrapping around the thermocouple that is mounted next to it. If it is barely touching the thermocouple, replacing the pilot should solve the issue.

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
December 28, 2014

Why has the water from my 3 yr old Kenmore Power Miser 9 gas water heater become brownish in color?


Brown water could be caused from the water itself, the tank or the water pipes. There may be some minerals in the water supply that could be affecting the water as it is heated. I recommend having a water sample taken to determine if this could be the problem. I would also suggest draining the tank (refer to page 22 in owner's manual) and refilling it. A plumber may be needed to check the water pipes that could also be causing this type of problem. If the water and water pipes check out ok, the tank will be causing the problem.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
July 27, 2009

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