Model #153320850HT Kenmore water heater, electric

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high temp shut off system not working in Kenmore water heater. Can I order part and replace?


The reason why your water heater is producing scalding hot water is more likely caused by a shorted heating element than a faulty thermostat. In order to test the heating elements will require disconnecting the voltage supply to water heater, disconnecting the heating element wire connections and testing the element with an ohm meter. You would need an ohm meter and place the dial to ohms. Place one meter lead on the heating element mounting nut and one meter lead on one of the two terminals to see if shows continuity. Then leave the one meter lead on the mounting nut and move the meter lead to the other terminal and check for it being grounded/shorted to ground. Check both elements. Replace the element that shows continuity to ground. If you do not have a shorted element, I highly recommend replacing both upper and lower thermostats. These parts are likely readily available at your Sears store. NOTE: Disconnect the power supply to the water heater before servicing.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
July 01, 2010

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