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I have a model 536884810 snow thrower. I ordered the engine 143794053, and it came as 754275C Short Block. What does short block contain??


You are pretty accurate in your thoughts of what a short block contains. The short block is the block, including piston, rings, valves and springs, push rods, and all internal parts.

The package should have a new head and carburetor gasket in it. Short blocks change in whether they contain a new head, carburetor, and starter. If it has all or any of these parts on it you don't need to change the old ones over.

Compare the short block to the old engine and see what you will have to move over from the old engine to the new short block. You should not have to order any thing else to make the short block work. If any part have to be moved from the original engine to the new short block, the gasket should be in the shipping box.

Be sure you adjust the governor before starting the engine. Loosen the bolt that mounts the governor arm to the governor shaft that comes out of the block. Move the throttle linkage to open the throttle plate all the way. Push it against the spring. Hold the linkage open and rotate the governor shaft the opposite direction. Tighten the bolt that holds the governor arm to the governor shaft.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
March 04, 2009

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