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Kenmore grill fule regulator # 14116313800


A few factors will cause the regulator to form frost. The first and most likely is high humidity and all of the burners turned on. When there is a high demand on the regulator(all the burners on), the pressure in the tank drops and so does the temperature. If the ambient air is full of moisture, it will condense and freeze on the regulator. This mostly happens with a full or nearly full tank. You should notice the frost less as you use the grill. Frost on the regulator can be normal.

The second thing that will cause this issue is if the tank is over full or tipped over. This is highly unlikely because of the valves used in the tanks today. The valve should prevent over filling and they will not work if tipped. If the tank is over full I recommend taking it back to where you had gotten it and have them bleed the excess out. Do not attempt this yourself.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
September 19, 2010

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