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Why does my Kenmore electric grill trip the circuit breaker?


Might want to check the cord on the grill itself. Could be wear in a spot, or maybe a mouse chewed through the insulation on the cord itself (happens more than you know.) On a normal thermostat knob when in the off position you should not have continuity between the terminals. But when you place the unit on you will have continuity because it is a heater coil in the unit that you will read through. Best bet is to take the lead off the thermostat and start testing from the beginning... first the cord gound to hot, second the thermostat, third the coil and so on till you find the short. If you tripping a gfci your going to ground from the hot leg, The breaker and gfci are just doing there job. You do not want to keep plugging it in and keep trying. You will eventually destroy the tripping mechanism of the circuit breaker (especially if it is a GE panel.)

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Lithium1994 -
January 01, 2010

The thermostat should show closed continuity between the two terminals when you turn the control on. You should not show continuity between any of the terminals to ground. Please see the wiring diagram provided to your e-mail.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
January 04, 2010
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