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I have a Craftsman garage door opener #13953977SRT and it has started opening randomly. This happens a few times a day seemingly for no reason.


Thank you for your question on the Phantom opening of the garage door opener.

You first might try loosening the screws a little on the wall control. If the mounting screws are a little two tight it could be causing the control board inside to activate the door randomly with the heating and cooling of the day. .

If that does not cure the problem and you have all the remotes for the openers under your control then it could be a neighbor’s opener remote that could be causing the problem without him even knowing it. If you have noticed that when you push the button on the remote but the door will not open until you release the button that would indicate that somewhere there is a remote with the button being held down all the time.

I would suggest that you clear the codes and then when you reprogram your remotes to the opener, while you are up on the ladder and very close to the antenna, have your remote button held down before you push the program button when programming the remotes. In case one of your neighbors have a remote stuck down, yours being the closet remote to the logic board antenna it will take your remote and not the neighbors.

If that does not cure the problem then I would suggest having a technician come out with the M50 garage door meter to see if he can find the problem with the random phantom signal that is opening your door.

Please let me know what you find.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
March 29, 2012

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