Model #13953910 CRAFTSMAN Garage Door Opener

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Light flashes on motor and push button 13953910D Craftsman Garage door opener


Hello, I have the same door opener and have the same issue. It started off just happening once and a while. Now when i try to put the door up or down it will stop after a few inches and appears to completely lose power. Even my button by my house door is no longer lit. It does come back on but when i try to push the button again the same thing happens. Its getting to the point now where the power will stay off for longer periods of time and i have had to disconnect the opener to use the garage door. I would just buy a new one but i have two garage doors with the same model of opener. From what i can tell, its one of two things. Either the capacitor is bad, which can be purchased on Ebay for about $15-$25, and the part number is 30B532, or it is the logic board which is much more costly, but less than a new opener on Ebay, about $75-$85, and that part number is 41A5021-3H-315. I just need to find someone who can tell me which part it would be base on my symptoms.

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greg -
October 22, 2015

garage door opener will not open with remote 139.53910D


13953910D - part#41C4398A does not work after 3 days, again LED blinks 5 times 13953910D

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