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Scroll saw not working 137216010 Craftsman Scroll saw


The thin brained wire sounds like it may be a grounding wire. Look remnants of the braided wire on the motor. You may be able to find  the break in that wiring.

If that braided wire is a grounding wire, then that grounding wire must be properly installed to safely operate the saw. If you are not able to determine the location where the wire connects, I recommend that you have a service technician examine and repair the saw.

A loose or broken grounding wire will usually not prevent the saw from running. Make sure that the electrical outlet that you plug the saw into works. Unplug the saw and check the wiring on the motor. Check the outlet cord for damage.

I hope that this information helps. If you need further assistance, let us know.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
June 04, 2014

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