Model #135275400 CRAFTSMAN Saw Circular

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Does Sears have available for purchase a replacement blade for my circular saw? model no.135.275400


There are a number of blades available and you can see them and sort through them at the Sears.Com website.

I found the best selection searching under Tools and then using Power Tool Accessories to narrow the search further. As you can see from the images below from my search there are a large number of Blades available since there is a large variety of sizes and applications from a standard or universal cutting blade such as you originally had to ones specifically for certain wood types or even non-wood materials.

You can order from the site or you can go to your Sears Store or most any hardware store where there should also be a wide selection of blades available for various applications.

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HVAC & Fireplace Bucket -
Sears Technician
July 07, 2008