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New dishwasher


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

If the dishwasher is not filling with enough HOT water then it would never dissolve the detergent tablet.

The most likely failure is a lack of water flow and volume at the end of the water supply where it connects to the dishwasher. Whenever the water supply line is disturbed and/or moved it can cause minerals to break loose in the water supply line and clog the filter screen that is inside the dishwasher water inlet valve when the water supply is turned back ON. The filter screen inside the water inlet valve will trap minerals and debris restricting water flow though the inlet valve. The water shut off valve down stairs could also be restricted or it’s not opening fully. You will need to shut the water off downstairs and then disconnect the water supply line from the dishwasher. Place the end of the water line in a bucket and then turn the water valve back on downstairs to confirm adequate water flow and volume. You will likely find a lack of water flow and volume due to a restriction in the water shut off valve or the screen inside the water inlet valve is restricted causing the lack of water.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
March 18, 2011