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I need to know the exact temperature OF THE STEAM STERILIZE OPTION that the Kenmore Pro Dishwasher (model # 1317) gets to during STEAM STERILIZATION. Thank you


You can find the information you're looking for in writing in the User's manual at Manage My Life. I also added a image below of the "Steam Sanitize" cycle description which was taken from the User's manual. The "Steam Sanitize" cycle increases the main wash temperature from 105 degrees to 120 degrees and the final rinse from 140 degrees to 155 degrees providing the "green sanitize light" is lit after the cycle has completed which means the "Steam Sanitize" option was successfully completed. NOTE: This high temperature steam option sanitizes your dishes and glassware in accordance with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)/ANSI Standard 184 for Residential dishwashers. Certified residential dishwashers are NOT intended for licensed food establishments.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
September 17, 2010

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