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Kenmore gas grill #12216435010: I think there is gas flow, there is low flow of gas. and temp won't go above 200-220 degrees.


Having a Grill that is not working can be frustrating. I have taken the time to research on the Manage My life website and have located a link that you find useful.While you are waiting for a detailed reply from an expert I have attached the link below. Hope this works!!

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Priscilla V -
September 12, 2011

If this is on an LP tank, turn the tank off. Then very slowly turn the tank back on about a half turn. Then light the burner and turn it all the way up. Now turn the tank valve open about another half to full turn (slowly) and see if anything improves. If it does, then it's very likely that the safety valve in the tank is causing the problem. If that does not change anything then I would suspect there is something blocking the fuel flow in the burners or manifold assembly.

If the unit runs on natural gas (NG) you may want to consider having a qualified technician come out and test the gas pressure to the grill. If the gas pressure is good then, again, I would suspect a fuel blockage in the burners or manifold.

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
September 13, 2011
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