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How do I connect the handle on a Craftman's wet saw model number 11821541


Thank you for your question.


I am sorry you are having a problem with the handle on the saw. I looked up the model number you submitted. According to the parts list for the saw the handle is part number 22000-16. If this is the part number you received, I recommend double checking the model number to be sure it is correct. If the model number is one number off, it could be the cause of the wrong part. If the model number is correct, and the packing list shows the correct part number, I recommend reordering the handle. The wrong handle may have the right part number on it.  This does happen from time to time.


I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need further assistance.


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Mark T.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
October 28, 2013