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How do I replace part 18, the wand swivel in the power mate of Kenmore Whispertone Vaccum?


Thank you for your question.

• First remove the lower wand assembly from the swivel.

• Remove the step release lever (30) from the side of the swivel.

• Remove the rear cover (31) from the swivel back.

• Remove the front cover from the swivel and remove the dirt sensor board.

• Push down on the wand release lever and pivot the swivel down.

• Flip the unit over and locate and remove the screws (55) that hold the top cover onto the base.

• Once you have the screws remove flip the unit back over and remove the top cover off the base, lifting from the back and tilting forward and un-hooking the top.

• Locate the two screws (15) that hold the swivel hold down thermal cap.

• You should now be able to pop the swivel out of the base. Note! the flat felt like swivel seals ( 22) that are on either side of the swivel and make sure that you put them back with out wrinkling the seals.

• At this point you can reverse the process for re-assemble.

I hope this will help.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
September 09, 2010