Model #1163916481 Kenmore vacuum, upright

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How do you change the belt on a Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner model 1163916481?


There is not an owner's manual available in hard copy or online available for this model of Kenmore vacuum cleaner. There is a parts diagram available. Here is a procedure that should work to give you access to the belt:

  • Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged.
  • Release the handle and move it to the lowest possible position.
  • Remove the light lens on the handle.
  • This should give you access to two screws (Key 23 in the image below) at the back of the hood assembly (Key 2). Remove these screws.
  • Lift the back of the hood assembly up and off of the vacuum cleaner.
This should give you access to the agitator and belt. You should be able to lift the agitator up and then replace the belt.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
April 21, 2009