Model #11631913101 Kenmore vacuum, upright

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Question and Answers


My agitator on my Kenmore vacuum won't turn. I've followed the manual instructions but it wont work.


The agitator in your vacuum has a motor mounted in the center of it. There are 3 switches in the vacuum that will keep the agitator motor from running.

The floor selector switch by the upright on the hood has to be on. The hose has to be attached to the nozzle on the right side of the hood. There is a switch there that closes when you attach the hose. There is another switch that opens when the vacuum handle is in the upright position and keeps the agitator motor from running.

Any of these switches could be causing the agitator to not run. Checking or replacing the switches involves taking the vacuum completely apart.

Make sure the floor selector switch is turned on, the hose is attached, and the handle is lowered. If the motor still won't run I recommend you take the vacuum in for repair.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
August 21, 2008

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