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kenmore canister 11626212601 won't shut off.


Thank you for your question on the vacuum cleaner not shutting off.

There are only two switches on this model vacuum cleaner.

There is the step switch on the back of the canister and the position switch on the handle.

If could be either switch but my guess is that it is the step switch on the back of the canister.

The part number for the switch is: 4370761.

Check the link below for ordering the switch.

Step vacuum switch part .

In order to change the step switch you will need to remove the motor canopy from the canister.

First remove both top covers for the tool storage and bag cover by lifting them up and flexing them over backwards to remove them from the canister base.

This will expose two screws at the front of the motor canopy. Remove these screws.

Then take the cover off the rear filter and look to see it there are two more screws to remove. If not then remove the step cover over the step switch by prying up on the plastic cover.

This will expose the top side of the step switch.

Once you have removed the motor canopy you can gain access to the switch wire harness under the motor canopy where is attaches to the power cord.

There should be a black and white wire but both wires on the switch are black so it does not matter which wire you attach for the replacement of the switch.

Follow the wires from the old switch to the wire harness and remove the wire nut that holds them together.

Thread the switch wires out of the canopy and thread the new wires through the hole and down into the canopy area and connect the wires with the wire nut connectors.

Re-install the canopy cover and all other parts you have previously removed.

I hope this information will help you.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
September 09, 2011

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