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How do I install a new hose to my Kenmore vacuum?


The rubber part on the end of your old hose is called a hose adapter. The adapter has a slightly raised molded joint on it. Place a small screwdriver at each end of the molded joint and push it underneath the joint 1- 1 1/2 inches. These screwdrivers will release a tab underneath the molded joint and the hose adapter will slide off the hose. You will need to perform this operation to both of the hose adapters.

The wires will slide out of the adapters as you remove them from the hose. Install them into the adapters in the same order when you put the adapters on the new hose.

The hose adapters will slide on to the new hose and lock without you having to use the screwdrivers

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician

canaster vacuum cleaner, model no. 2411190


Thank you for your question on the canister vacuum parts.

The model number in the system is for a vacuum cleaner suction measuring tool.

I can use the 116.2411190 as the base model of your vacuum cleaner.

To get to the motor and power reel cord you will need to access the screws that hold the motor canopy on the vacuum cleaner chassis.

Start by lifting off the dust box/ tool cover, and pulling it over backwards to remove it for the canister base.

It should just flex and pop out of the chassis.

This will expose the two front screws on the top corners of the dust box. Some models only have two screws under the back canopy cover which covers the switch and it also just pops off. It will expose the two screws on the top back corners to remove.

Once you have the two to four Phillips screws removed you can lift off the motor/reel cord canopy to gain access to the motor and reel cord.

Make sure you route all wires back into there correct location so you do not pinch any of the wires when you re-install the cover.

The motor part number is: 4368931 for about $82.00. The part number for the reel cord is: 4369166 for about $57.00.

Reel cord assembly .

Motor .

This is a mid-199o's canister vacuum and you may consider replacing the vacuum instead of replacing parts for about $150.00. after shipping.

You can get a low cost model for that much.

Canister vacuum model .

I hope this information will help you with the repair and or make an informed decision if you decide to replace the vacuum cleaner.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
October 26, 2011

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