Model #11622612201 KENMORE vacuum, canister

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how to reconnect vacuum hose to swivel assembly


Thank you for your question on the repairing the hose swivel on the vacuum cleaner.

You will need a few basic tools. You will need either a vise or two small flat bladed screwdrivers.

I will give you some instructions for both kinds of repair processes.

116.2 vacuum cleaner hose elbow swivel replacement.

To replace this connection pipe you will need to have some basic tools.

  • Two small pocket type flat blade screwdrivers seam to work the best for this repair.

  • Locate on the hose elbow connection the molded seam line in the cuff and on the elbow connection.

  • Place the flat blade screwdriver in the gap between the elbow and the hose cuff and work up under the cuff along the seam line up the hose in under the cuff for about 1 inch or until you release the locking tab.

  • Do this on both sides of the cuff, so both sides are released at the same time.

  • Once the tabs are released, slide the cuff up the hose and out of the way.

  • This will expose the wiring harness on the connection pipe. NOTE: the location of the wires and how they fit onto and around the connection pipe so you can install them back exactly as they are or the cuff with not lock back onto the connection pipe.

  • Remove the push in connectors on the wire harness and then locate locking tab on the connector pipe and release it from the spiral of the hose and remove the connection pipe from the hose.

  • Install the new connector and re-connect all the wires and slide the cuff back up the connector. This will take a little working back and forth of the cuff to get it to lock onto the new pipe.

I will include a couple of pictures to help you with the repair.

I hope this will help.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
February 06, 2012

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