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Wiring for Craftsman 230 amp weldermodel #113201371 113201371 Craftsman Craftsman 230 amp welder


I assume you meant you will need a 50 ft run and not 50 inch run.  A 50 ft run will require #6 AWG with a 50 AMP breaker. The 50 ft run of #6 copper wire will be expensive. 

Here is link to the Owner's Manual that will have all the specific information on the electrical requirements.

Also, the Electrical connections between the welder and grounded 230-volt, single-phase, 60-cycle a-c power source should be made by a qualified electrician. All wiring must comply with the National Electrical Code (ANSI C1) and local codes

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
July 02, 2015

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