Model #113177610 Craftsman wet/dry vacuum

  • 16 Gallon Wet/dry Vac
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Removal of wet/vac motor


Thank you for your question.

I will be happy to assist you. I usually use an air impact wrench to remove the impeller nut. Know that most customers do not have access to this tool you can try to hold the impeller with a gloved hand while turning the nut. On some models, this is difficult. If you cannot hold the impeller by had you will need to use screwdriver in the fins of the impeller to hold it. Please keep in mind this usually will ruin the impeller so expect to replace it. Once the screwdriver is in place put the wrench in the nut and hit the wrench with a hammer. The shock from the hammer should break the nut loose. In some cases, the methods mentioned above do not work due to the nut being rusted. If you run in to this problem, you might have to replace the shop vac.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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Mark T.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
December 11, 2011

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