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How to return the dryer to the default settings?


The user's manual is no longer available to purchase nor is it available online.

There is not reset button to return the control back to their default settings. I'm assuming that you a referring to the Custom Memory feature because this is the only feature that you can customize a cycle for the type of load dried most often. The CUSTOM MEMORY has been preset at the factory. In order to program it to fit your needs, you will need to program your own CUSTOM MEMORY.

To set a custom program:

  1. Select a cycle.
  2. Set dryness control.
  3. Set temperature control.
  4. Set signal level.
  5. Select options.
  6. Touch START pad.
  7. Touch CUSTOM MEMORY pad.

The programmed cycle will be selected each time CUSTOM MEMORY is touched.

COTTON STURDY- provides a high heat range for heavy fabrics.

PERMANENT PRESS- provides a medium heat range for synthetic fabrics and no-iron finishes.

KNIT/DELICATE- provides a low heat range for heat sensitive fabrics.

TOWELS- provides high heat range for heavy fabrics.

TOUCH-UP- medium heat range;15 minutes of heat, plus 5 minutes of cool down. Designed to remove wrinkles from dry clothes.

AIR ONLY- a no heat setting for items that must be dried at room temperature (rubber, plastic). Preset for 20 minutes, but time can be adjusted.

DENIM- provides medium high heat range for jeans, etc.

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Sears Technician
February 26, 2008

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